Maundy Recipients
Full Distribution Sets

A number of people have enquired about names of maundy recipients who attended services over the years. We have been unable to find an easy source of information on who was at what ceremony. If you have any information relating to this it would be appreciated.

We are currently compileing a list of maundy recipients and would be extremely grateful for any information you can supply us.

Names , Dates , Photos .............................................

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?Christiana A J Coatesworth
?William Scarff
1890Rosina Kingshott
1894Percy Shemeld
1905Rev Campbell West-Watson
1931Albert Edward Tibbles
1940Marina Morfitt
1941Nora Beatrice Butcher
1953James Gornall (Beefeater,Queens Guard)
1955Charles Louis Porter
1956Mrs Prendill
1957Miss Mary Ruth Maunders
Mr Charles Turner
1959Alice Pembroke
1961Albert Edward Russell
Emily Miles
1966Mrs A.E. Hoadley
1967William Askew
Mary Agnes Adams
Photo of Mary Agnes Adams
1968Mrs Lillian Ruby Smith
Mr Thomas J Harvey
Norma Morrison
1969Mrs Emily Mary Tomlinson
1971Gladys Coop
Edna Sprackling
1973Mrs B.C. Botwright
Martha Smith
Albert Piper
Miss A M Flower
1974Mr H.W. Purchase
1975Major WSY Clarke
Elizabeth Hemmings
1976Mrs Flora Elizabeth Corner
Joan Prendergast Mayoress With Queen Elizabeth II at Hereford Cathedral. Joan Prendergast Mayoress With Queen Elizabeth II Mrs Prendergast received a set of maundy money and a medallion.
1977Margaret Louise Andrews
David Hallam
1979Hannah M Dowding
1980Ginny Impey
Frederick Phillips
Sister Elizabeth Birch
1981 Andrew Mantle received a set of maundy money in a red Royal Mint case after being on a waiting list for 5 years.He was a Royal Mint employee.
Mary Ackroyd
William Stacey
1982Mrs Beatrice Hopkins
Mrs M J Davies
1984Albert Senior
1985Mr Jack Farrar
1986Mr H.K. Burford
Isobel James
1987Mss Martha Reader
Leonard Jackman
Arthur Balaam
George Street
Miss Lucy Brunning
1988Walter Cecil Hodgson - known as Cecil Hodgson
Walter Cecil Hodgson
1989Miss Levasseur
1990Mrs Dora Hannah Weatherston
Mr W Scott
Doris Beaumont
1991Leslie Francis Squires (Frank)
Gwendoline Fullwood
1992William Arthur Rose
1993Norman Cook
Thomas William Dan North
1994Mary Ann Winn
1997Edith Thoretz
1998Mrs Alice Nutley
1999Cliff Fawdry
2000John Orange
Len Lowe - see below
Len Lowe
Thomas Sunderland
Christianna Wilson
2002Jack Hewitt
Nora Hawkins (nee Dickinson)
Colin Clissold
Arthur James Clark
2003Leslie Arthur Rogers
Dorothy Judd
Mary Seabright
Phyllis C Knight
Arthur John Hayes
2005Reg Stone
Eric Stephenson
Walter Nindi
2006Bill Mathews
Mary Boxall
Donald Edge
James Chapman
2007Mrs Alice Latimer
Dr John Sarginson
Mrs Evelyn Jones
Gwen Gardner
Howard Gardner
Bill Birchby
2008Samantha Bowler
Sybil Buck
Geraldine Cunningham
Ivan davidson
John Hanna
Victor Hotchen
Mr Hull
Dr James Matthews
Mr Norman Mawhinney
Sister Mary Mckee
Mr Hilary Morrison
Elizabeth O`Hanlon
Mrs May Rowan
Mr Albert Smallwoods
Edith Stevenson
Mr Thomas Todd
Mr Matt McColgan
Mrs M McColgan
2009Kathleen Grimwood (107yrs old)
Kathleen Grimwood
2011Joan Fountain Wilson
Mrs Sylvia Grafton (below)
Sylvia Grafton
Margaret McKendrick
Nobby Brackett
Pamela Bonaventura (below)
Pamela Bonaventura
2013Raymond Sutcliffe
Brian Milner
David Bird
Canon Ron Greenall

The information above is true to our best of knowledge based on newspaper articles and internet investigations. If you spot any errors please email us.

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