Maundy Recipients
Full Distribution Sets

We detail  below some of the  "FULL DISTRIBUTION" sets of Royal Maundy which were issued to the maundy recipients. These are from our personal collection. 

Currently we have the 1904, 1906, 1911, 1961, 1966 , 1973 , 1974, 1976, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1985, 1986 , 1991 (2), 1998, 1999, 2000, 2005 and 2006  "FULL DISTRIBUTION" sets from those Maundy ceremonies .


5 x maundy sets

plus 2d and 1d

Same toning to all sets


6 x Maundy sets

plus 1d and 4d

Same toning to all sets


"St Pauls Cathedral"

4 x Maundy sets

plus 1d and 4d


                 "Rochester Cathedral"

3 x maundy Sets + 5p

1953 Elizabeth 11 Crown

All contained in a lovely wooden case made specifically by Ted Carey for this maundy distribution.

The maundy recipient was Emily Miles Nee Mousher

We also have two entry tickets for this 1961 service as you will see below.


                 " WESTMINSTER ABBEY "

              Green Leather Purse

              White Leather Purse

              Red Leather purse

             - 4 Full maundy sets.

Original letters and paperwork from Buckingham Palace :

                    10th March 1966 - A three page letter advising applicant has                    been succesful in their application to receive Royal maundy                    gifts. Signed by Peter Wright Secretary of The Royal Almonry.

                    Undated Letter - Desribing The Royal Full Maundy                                                 distributions.

                    Envelope - Addressed to maundy recipient.

                    Entry Ticket - Ticket allowing Mrs A Hoadley and companion to                                          the maundy service on 7th April 1966.

                    Programme - Giving full details of order of maundy service -                                         hymns , prayers etc.

                   The Pictorial History of Royal Maundy - colour booklet by                                                                             Pitkins.


Photo of Some of the paperwork and leather purses.

The maundy recipient was Mrs A E Hoadley.


                   " WESTMINSTER ABBEY "

Green Leather Purse - containing "allowance in lieu of provisions" ( £1.50 )

         - 1953 Coronation Crown

         - 1972 Silver Wedding Crown

         - £1 note


     " For the redemption of the Sovereigns gown, worn on the day        of distribution .

       - 5 x £1 note .

 White Leather Purse - contained Maundy Money.As many pence as the Sovereign is years of age ( 47 pence ) .

                                        - 4 Full Maundy Sets plus extra 3d and 4d.

Official Maundy Case with Royal Crest in silver

Original Letters and Envelopes from Buckingham Palace :

        17th February 1973 - letter acknowledging receipt of Royal Maundy                                         application form from Mrs B.C. Botwright.

        26th March 1973 - 2 page letter informing Mrs Botwright of succesfull                                     application and detailing  the arrangements for the                                     Maundy thursday service on the 19th Appril                                     1973.This is signed by Peter Wright Secretary of                                     the Royal Almonary.

        UNDATED letter - describing "The Royal Full Maundy" describing both                                   the first and second distributions.

        19th April 1973 - Ticket (Green) to                                  admit MrsBotwright and companion to the                                  Maundy ceremony.

        June 1973 - letter thanking recipient for letter regarding                           Maundy ceremony .Signed by Peter Wright.

There is also a booklet showing the 1973 Maundy ceremony on the front cover ------------- "The Pictorial History of the Royal Maundy" by Peter Wright.

The Maundy recipient was Mrs B C Botwright who was one of only 47 men and women to receive the Royal Maundy distribution in 1973.

Coins and banknotes in uncirculated condition with light toneing. Purses etc in good condition.


Photos of some of the 1973 letters /ticket / purses.

Photo of the Royal Maundy box / other coinage mentioned above.


                                 " SALISBURY CATHEDRAL "

Red - white string , white - red string , white - green string leather purses.

              ( 3 Maundy Sets )


Original letters from Buckingham Palace :

                        6th February 1974 - letter from Royal Almonary Office                    acknowledging receipt of application form for Royal Maundy                    service.

                   March 1974 - letter from Royal Almonary confirming Mr                    Purchase successful application .Signed by Peter Wright                    Secretary .Plus envelope addressed to Mr Purchase.

                   11th April 1974 - Ticket , white to admit Maundy companion.

                      9th May 1974 - letter from Royal Almonary thanking Mr                    Purchase for his recent letter about the maundy                    service. Signed by Peter Wright secretary .

                   Undated letter - outlineing the maundy distribution and gifts.

                   Undated letter - notes about the Royal Maundy and King                    Georges Jubilee trust.

 Official Booklet describing the 1974 maundy service including hymns etc.

Booklet " Royal Maundy " - The pictorial history of the Royal Maundy by Peter Wright.

 The maundy recipient was Mr H W Purchase.One of only 48 men

 and women to receive the Royal Maundy distribution in 1974.

Letters / paperwork.



                           "Hereford Cathedral"

      White, Red, and Green leather purses

      5 x Maundy sets

     1 x 1953 Crown

    1 x Medallion and chain - Hereford 676 - 1976

    Entry ticket to ceremony

    2 x Postcards

    Leather photo album containing photos fromthe ceremony.


Presented to Mrs GS Wherley


                         "Winchester Cathedral"

Red and Green leather purses.

One 1979 maundy set

Original letters from Buckinham palace:

Original programme from 1979 service.

Letters, paperwork, programme etc:

Maundy recipient was Hannah M Dowding


                            "Worcester Cathedral"

        plus 2 x Maundy companion passes

Maundy recpient was Sister Elzabeth Birch


              "St Davids Cathedral"

White leather purse containing the maundy money -- 5 x Maundy sets + 6p

Red leather purse

Original letters and paperwork from Buckingham Palace:

March 1982 - Letter confiriming chosen from Peter Wright Secretary in original envelope.

March 1982 - Letter confirming details of the ceremony in original envelope.Signed by Peter Wright

Notes for maundy recipients

Programme for the 1982 service

Pitkin guide

Awarded to Mrs M J Davies


                   "Ripon Cathedral"

Original letters from Buckinham Palace:

          Letter acknowledging application for Royal Maundy

          Letter to Maundy recipient with envelope

         The Royal Maundy service programme

          Entry ticket to  the service

Maundy recipient was Mr J Farrar


                           " CHICHESTER CATHEDRAL "

Red and White leather purses containing the following :

      " Maundy money,as many pence as the Sovereign is years of age "             ( 60 pence ) .

         6 Full Maundy Sets --- still in sealed in transparent holders 

Official Royal Maundy Case with Royal crest .

Original letters from Buckingham Palace :

              February 1986 - Letter informing recipient                                     of succesful application and detailing arrangements.                                    Signed by Peter Secretary .

           Undated Letter - Enclosing the Royal maundy service book.

           Undated Letter - enclosing notes for recipients regarding the Maundy                                     service programme.

           27th March 1986 - Signed letter by Peter Wright ,Secretary of the                                        Royal Almonary detailing the maundy service at                                        Chichester Cahedral .

Two official booklets describing the 1986 Maundy service including hymns etc.

Map of Chichester .

Booklet - "The Pictorial History of The Royal Maundy" by Peter Wright .

Blue Folder embossed with crest of Chichester Cathedral .

Maundy recipient was Mr H K Burford, one of only 60 men and women who were given the maundy distribution in 1986 .

All coins are as struck and still sealed in their original official containrs.Purses are in good condition also.

Letters / Paperwork.



                 "Westminster Abbey  


 Red Leather purse containing:

        "Allowance in lieu of clothing"

        "Allowance in lieu of provisions"

For the redemption of the sovereign gown, worn on the day of distribution-

Total £5.50

£5 not

50p coin

White leather purse holding the maundy money, as many pence as the sovereign is years of age (65p)

6 maundy sets

4p & 1p

Official programme for the 1991 service

The Story of The Royal Maundy booklet by Pitkin

Original letters plus envelopes from Buckingham Palace:

        12th February 1991 - letter from the Royal Almonry office         acknowledging receipipt of the application form.

        18th February - Letter confirming that Miss Williams has been        chosen to be a maundy recipient.

       March 1991 - letter confirming details/information for the day tgether        with notes for the maundy recipients.

      3rd May 1991 - letter from the Royal Almonry office acknowledging             receipt of a letter from Miss williams which they have passed to the       Queen.

The maundy recipient was Miss Margaret Williams   

All coins as minted in their sealed plastic packets.  


               "Westminster Abbey"

Red leather Purse

White leather purse containing:

6 x maundy sets

4p and 1p

1991 Maundy service programme

Maundy recipient was Gwendoline Fullwood.


            "Portsmouth Cathedral"

Red Leather purse containing :

         " Allowance in lieu of clothing "

         " Allowance in lieu of provisions "

For the redemption of the sovereigns gown, worn on the day of distribution -

     Total £5.50

     1998 £5 coin ( Prince of Wales 50th birthday )

     1998 50p coin ( EU 25th anniversary of UK membership 1973 - 1998 )

White Leather purse containing :Maundy money, as many pence as the Sovereign is years of age ( 72 pence ) .

            7 Full maundy sets and two extra 1d coins .

Official Booklet describing the 1998 ceremony at Portsmouth Cathedral.

Original leters from Buckingham Palace:

             6th January 1998 - Letter from Royal Almonary advising of              nomination as possible recipient of maundy money on the 9th April              1998.Signed by the Secretary Christopher Williams.Wth original              Buckingham Palace envelope.

             31st January 1998 - Letter from Royal Almonary acknowledging              receipt of Royal Maundy application form.With original Buckingham              Palace envelope.

              March 1998 - letter from Royal Almonary informing recipient of               succesful application and giving details of the ceremony.Signed by               Christopher Williams Secretary .

              Undated Letter - From the Royal Almonary detailing the Royal               Maundy Distribution and gifts .

              Undated Letter - From Royal Almonary with notes about the                 Maundy service .

Maundy recipient was Mrs Alice Nutley , one of only 72 men and women to receive the maundy distribution in 1998 .

All coins as struck and the maundy sets are still sealed in their original transparent holders ..Purses in good condition .

Letters / Paperwork.

Maundy Ceremony - Portsmouth Cathedral 1998                                            


                "Bristol Cathedral"

7 x maundy sets + 3p

Red leather purse

Original letters and paperwork from Buckingham palace:

   12th January 1999 - Letter confirming nomination

   26th January 1999 - Confirmation of nomination form received

   March 1999 - Confirmation that recipient has been selected

   Entry ticket - for maundy companion in envelope from Buckinham Palace

   Programme - Giving full details of order of service

Maundy recipient Cliff Fawdry


                   "Lincoln Cathedral"

White leather purse containing: 7 complete maundy sets and a 3d and 1d.
As many pence as the sovereign was of age - 74

Service programme for the distribution in 2000

11 photographs of Queen Elizabethh 11 at the maundy ceremony.

Maundy recipient was  John xxxxxxxxx in 2000


                     "Wakefield Cathedral

White Leather purse

- 7 x complete sets plus 3 x 3ds

Programme - Giving full details of the order of service - hymns, prayers etc.

DVD of service

The maundy recipient was Walter Nindi


                     "Guildford Cathedral"

1 x Red purse

1 x White purse

Original letters from Buckingham Palace:

           Letter to Mr Chapman confirming nomination

          Confirmation from Peter Hartley Assistand Secretary  that Mr Chapmen           was succesful in his application

          The Royal Maundy service programme

         Original pass signed by Mr Chapman - this should have been handed to          the wandsman at the ceremony - therefore rare to see.

Maundy recipient was Mr James Chapman.


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