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Information for this website has been taken from a number of articles, books, magazines and websites. The information given is true to the best of our knowledge. Please let us know if you find any errors/mistakes.

Silver Pennies & Linen Towels - The story of Royal Maundy by Brian Robinson.
This is without doubt the best book I have come across. The attention to detail is superb.

Maundy Coins Of Great Britain by Richard J Trowbridge.

History Of Maundy Money by Geraldine Chimirri-Russell.

Coin News - Articles
by John Andrew - June 2002.
by Geoffrey Humphrys - April 2003.
by Dr Robinson - October 2005.

Maundy Coin Values by Tony Clayton.

Maundy Service/History by Royal Insight.

Coin Yearbook

The Story Of Royal Maundy by Peter Wright.

The Royal Maundy by EE Ratcliffe & Peter A Wright.

English Silver Coinage Since 1649 by Alan Rayner.

Spinks Standard Catalogue Of British Coins

Coincrafts Coin Checklist 1656 - 1816

DNW Auctioneers

Daily Mail - Article/photo 1st April 2002

Wikipidia the free encyclopedia.

The Official Wesite Of The Royal Monarchy

EBAY - Pictures

The Royal Mint - Joseph Payne Assistant Curator.

You Tube - videos.

Alan Mead - For the many photos of maundy cases including some very rare and unusual varieties. Additional photos also supplied of service, programmes and entry tickets.

David Seaman - various photos/help generally.