Grading of Maundy coins

Condition of coins is paramount. Uncirculated and proof sets are normally worth substantially more.

Shown below is the UK gradeing system.


Proof - A coin struck from specially prepared dies giving superior definition and mirror like fields.

FDC - Flawless. Definition usually used with proofs.

UNC - An uncirculated coin as issued by the Royal Mint.

EF - Extremely fine. Only little sign of circulation. Minimal / faint wear.

VF - Very fine. Some wear on raised surfaces.

F - Fine. Coin shows a lot of wear to raised surfaces.

Fair - Coin shows wear. Main features are still legible.

Poor - Cosiderable wear is apparent.

Examples of US gradeing system as follows:

PF65-70 - Fleur de coin

MS66-MS70 - Fleur de coin

MS65 - GEM Uncirculated

AU50-55 - Extremely fine

VF30-35 - Very fine

F15 - Fine

Good 4-6 - Fair

Poor - Poor

For Maundy set values look at the section Maundy Mintages / Values. This section will give you an indication of values for Maundy sets.

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