Rarity of Maundy money

R7Only one or two examples known
R6Three or four examples known
R5Five to ten examples known
R4Eleven to twenty examples known
R3Extremely rare
R2Very rare
NNormal, neither scarce nor common
C2Very common
C3Extremely common

Source: English Silver Coinage Since 1649


1763 Proof Set (believe there may only be 2 sets in existance, one held by the British Museum and one in a private collection. Source : Steve Fass)


1828 Proof Set

1831 Gold Set

1831 Gold 2d

Picture of 2d - enlarged image

More information: 1831 - Obverse by William Wyon. Reverse by J B Merlen. Plain edge. Extremely rare. Sets are mainly in museums eg Hunterian. Coins often sold as single coins. They were struck in near pure gold for presentation to the wealthy and Indian Maharajahs.

1838 Gold Set

1838 Gold 8d

Picture of 1d - enlarged image


1822 Proof Set

1871 Proof Set - RS inverted


1689 Set

1689 Set

1838 Proof Set

1867 Proof Set

1878 Proof Set

1881 Proof Set


1678 Set

1681 Set

1693 Set

1693 Maundy Set

1693 Maundy Set

1699 Set

1700 Set

1709 Set

1853 Proof Set

1888 Proof Set

1953 Set

2002 Elizabeth 11 Gold Maundy Set

2002 Elizabeth 11 Gold Maundy Set

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